Things that really aren’t helpful and in some situations can make things worse.

  1. Blame
  2. Proving you are right
  3. Pointing out when you are right
  4. Being right
  5. An apology that really isn’t an apology
  6. Explanations
  7. Correcting someone else
  8. Pointing out or proving when someone is wrong
  9. Commenting on someone elses bad habit, addiction or weight problem
  10. Offering unsolicited advice
  11. Talking about someone who isn’t present
  12. Pointing out people’s flaws
  13. Bringing up the past in a bad way
  14. Making jokes or laughing when someone is trying to talk to you seriously
  15. Telling personal or private things about yourself to others that hardly know you
  16. Trying to get someone to admit to something you already know
  17. A great bargain on something you don’t need or can’t use
  18. Giving a reason why you don’t want to do something

not helpful

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