When you are ready to begin making changes in your eating habits, begin with just one change at the time.  Here are some suggestions (just pick one until it is mastered then move on to the next one).  Come up with your own and share in the comments.

  1. Avoid processed foods.
  2. Select fresh or fresh-frozen over canned and boxed.
  3. Avoid fake flavors and food products.
  4. Real food is better than man-made food (food that is as close to the way nature made it is best).
  5. Avoid fried anything.
  6. Avoid artificial sweeteners or flavors.
  7. Look for high nutrition content.
  8. Avoid empty calories.
  9. Select a variety of colors in your menu.
  10. Chose water as your beverage as often as possible.
  11. Eat more vegetables on second or third helpings.
  12. For something sweet use hard candy, hot chocolate, flavored coffee, fruit, pudding, jello or juice
  13. Drink milk, juice, water or a nutrition drink when you are tempted to eat between meals or for snacks (when you know you aren’t really hungry).
  14. Eat corn or tortilla chips when you must have a salty crunchy snack (instead of potato chips)
  15. Think before selecting and chose a less unhealthy option every time (even if your choice is not necessarily health).

Healthy food choice

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