When  you talk to me I will not listen or give much (if any) consideration to what you are saying in the following situations.

  1. If you are telling me what I “should” or “need” to be doing or not doing (unless you are in my direct line of authority at work).
  2. If you are contradicting me when I have stated a personal preference (as if I don’t know what I personally like, dislike, want or prefer).
  3. When you are offering advice that I have not asked for.
  4. When you are issuing a direct command or order (and, again, you are not in my line of supervision at work).
  5. When you are talking negatively about another person or group of people who are not present during the discussion.
  6. When you are complaining.
  7. When you are criticising.
  8. When you are telling a joke or teasing in a way that puts a person or a group of people down.
  9. When you are sharing your political opinion.
  10. When you are trying to convince me why I am wrong about something (unless I have asked for your opinion).
  11. When you are trying to make me feel sorry for you.
  12. When you are trying to turn me against another person.
  13. When you are yelling, cursing or in any way demonstrating disrespect or abusiveness.
  14. When you are trying to talk me into something I’ve already said “no” to.
  15. When you are only talking about yourself (a one-way conversation where you are the only one talking and it’s all about you).

not listening

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