One of the most desirable traits for a person to aspire to, in my opinion, is humility.  I think we all reach that point sooner or later.  The difference among individuals is whether humility is forced upon us or whether we willingly develop the character trait.  My goal is to humble myself rather than be humbled by circumstances, other people or life.  Pride and arrogance always give way to humility sooner or later.  If you don’t believe me look through history, the newspapers, your own life or the lives of those around you.  We can all name famous people who fell from favor hard and fast.  It might have taken years or decades but it did take place eventually.  When you look carefully, I believe you will see a lack of humility has led to the crash.  Try to develop humility intentionally so it won’t have to find you on it’s own!

Humble Pie.JPG

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