I always felt like I was different (not in a good way).  As an adult I convinced myself it was all in my mind and I was not weird or strange after all.  Then there was that dating site that matched you up based on your personality.  I was so excited.  I, being trained in psychotherapy, was very impressed with the personality profile.  It took about 45 minutes to complete and I had to admit it was pretty darn accurate.  I had high hopes.  I clicked the buttons and began the search for my soul mate.  I narrowed it down to my area of the state because long distance relationships create their own set of challenges.  There were zero matches.  Still feeling confident I extended the geographical area a little to the whole state.  There were no matches.  I was not discouraged yet.  I extended the search to my region of the country.  No matches.  Now I’m getting concerned.  I extended the search to my whole side of the country—no matches.  I tried the entire country—no matches.  I tried the entire world—no matches.   I gave it a few more days—no matches.  I waited a week or two—no matches.  I gave up.  I joined another site that was not so sophisticated.  I met a man who could not be any more different from me if he tried.  We married in 2005 after 2 months of dating.  It was rocky the first year and from then on has gotten better and better.  We are happily married and not because we were instant soul mates. We’ve learned each other over the years and have developed  a relationship not based on similarities but based on other things I cannot pin-point.  We are best friends.  We are soul mates.  So much for science!


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