People are quick to say “it’s not about you” especially if I express displeasure or discomfort in response to a request.  I have to say, though, sometimes it IS about me.  For example:

  • If it involves my time, space, money or effort–it’s about me
  • If it involves my feelings, my body, my opinion or my thoughts–it’s about me
  • If you are at my place, in my face or taking up my space–it’s about me
  • If I have to stop what I’m doing right this second–it’s about me
  • If it makes me cry –it’s about me
  • If you are talking to me, about me or at me–it’s about me
  • If it’s about someone I love–it’s about me
  • If I’m going to have to clean up the mess or pay to fix it–it’s about me
  • If you have to say “please don’t take this the wrong way”–it’s about me
  • If you have to say “I hope you don’t mind”–it’s about me
  • In other words, if it affects me then it’s about me and I have a right to say something about it!



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