These are early warning signs that this particular person or relationship is not right for you.

  • Any abuse of any kind in any amount (physical, verbal or emotional)
  • You feel rushed, pressured or pushed too fast in the development of a deeper commitment or level of intimacy
  • You feel physically tense around the individual or thinking about the relationship
  • You feel sick on your stomach or physically uncomfortable in any way
  • You witness the individual treating someone else disrespectfully or abusively
  • They treat service employees badly (waiters, waitresses or anyone who is paid to serve)
  • They talk badly about people of your race or gender regularly
  • You hear the individual talk to another person or about another person disrespectfully
  • They break a commitment, agreement or promise to you very early in the relationship
  • The blame others for almost all of their problems (past, present and future)
  • They have traits you do not like (but hope they will change over time)
  • They use illegal substances or legal substances excessively
  • They have long-standing financial problems (excessive debt, bad credit or not able to pay their bills)
  • They expect you to contribute more to the relationship than they do
  • They speak very badly about their parents or an ex spouse or partner


Don’t take this risk, don’t settle for a bad relationship and believe me you can do better!

It’s better to be alone than in a bad relationship.

Diane Webb for

Fire in the Sky

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