1. Stay within your area of control or influence (Stop trying to control things beyond your authority);
  2. Practice non-resistance (If it feels like you are trying to force something to go the way you think it should go then stop);
  3. Tend to your own business (Stop getting in the middle of other people’s concerns);
  4. Solve your own problems first (Let other people solve their own problems);
  5. Stop giving unsolicited advice or help (Wait for people to ask your opinion or ask for your help first);
  6. Let other people run their own lives (You don’t know what’s best for other people);
  7. Stop trying to control what other people say, think and do (You have no right to tell others how to be);
  8. Stop trying to change people (If it feels like you are trying to put a square peg into a round hole then stop)

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