• If you need encouragement then encourage someone
  • If you need love then love someone
  • If you need reassurance then reassure someone
  • If you need a compliment then compliment someone
  • If you need hope then give hope to someone
  • If you need a smile then smile at someone
  • It can start with you
  • You can give what you don’t have
  • And by giving you open the door to receiving
  • That’s how the world works
  • We don’t get by taking from others
  • We increase by giving to others
  • It may not come back right away
  • It may not be the person we gave to
  • But it does work
  • You can meet your own needs
  • By meeting the needs of others
  • Voluntarily
  • Without being coerced
  • It only works
  • If it starts with you
  • As your own idea
  • If you want to be happy then give happiness
  • Have a blessed life my friend

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