• I wish to formally apologize to my children for the following:
  • Powdered milk (I am so, so sorry)
  • “Swallow your spit” (during those long car trips)
  • Hand me downs to the 3rd (and 4th) generation
  • Holding your toys (and later your speakers or keyboard) hostage
  • Those words said in anger (too many to count)
  • Punishments that exceeded the crimes (you have amazing writing and vocabulary skills now)
  • Not listening enough (what you had to say was more important than anything I could have possibly been doing)
  • Not being there enough (some of those business trips were optional)
  • Thinking my job was so, so important (where is it now?)
  • Putting others ahead of you (others who were unworthy and took advantage)
  • Missing so much I’ll never get back (little precious lives and little precious time)
  • Not giving you middle names to spite in-laws (and assuming it did not matter)
  • Being an idiot in general (but thinking I knew everything)
  • Holding your toy out the car window (effective but abusive non-the-less)
  • Embarrassing you in front of your friends (never on purpose—except that one time)

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