TO HELP YOU SLEEP (Can also be used for worry, anxiety, panic and cravings as well)

  • Focus on your breathing. Come up with two words—one for the in-breath and one for the out breath. Breathe in on word one (something you want to take in—like “rest”) and breath out on word two (something you want to release—like “tension”).
  • Count from 100 backwards by 7’s or 3’s while deep breathing. Focus on a relaxing color. Breathe the color in and imagine it circulating throughout your body. Imagine the color surrounding you as well (blue is a good relaxing color to use but use any color you think will work for you).
  • Focus on a relaxing, peaceful picture in your mind. Hold that picture in your mind while deep breathing.
  • Use the A-Z technique while at the same time breathing deeply. The A-Z technique: Come up with a category like names, places, food, animals, or some other category. Start with “A” and come up with three things that start with “A”. The go to “B”, come up with three that start with “B”. Continue throughout the remainder of the alphabet. If you are still awake after finishing with “Z”, start over with another category. Keep starting over with a different category as long as you need to.
  • Imagine someone there with you talking to you in a calming, encouraging way. Go to sleep hearing these kind and loving words.

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