How Bad Is It?

Sometimes it helps to put things in perspective. The next time you get upset about something try rating how bad or important it is on a scale of 1-10 with the following things being a 10.

  1. Being in a concentration camp during the Holocaust
  2. Losing your family and home in the tsunami (or another disastrous manner)
  3. Being a prisoner of war
  4. Being questioned (tortured) during the Spanish Inquisition
  5. Being held captive by a sadistic person
  6. Being a nuclear war/atomic bomb victim
  7. Being left on an ant bed in a paralyzed state
  8. Being kidnapped by a serial killer

Looking at it this way, locking your keys in the car is really not that big a deal. Not much is worth getting upset about when you compare it to a 10 like the 8 listed above.

church steeple and moon

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