• Keep trying, no matter what, never quit trying
  • Anger boomerangs and it’s bigger when it comes back at you

(Don’t lash out)

  • Wait before responding because you can’t take it back

(Some things are better left un-said)

  • Silence is sometimes the best response

(You don’t have to answer every question or comment)

  • Truth without kindness is brutality indeed

(People don’t want to hear the truth and they care less for your opinion)

  • Listen harder, better, longer, and more often

(People just want to feel heard even when you can’t help)

  • We are all selfish to a certain extent and it’s not cool

(I’m more selfish than I’ve been willing to admit)

  • When I point or judge it’s really myself I’m talking about

(I don’t live up to my own standards for myself so I take it out on others)

  • It’s not too late to make things right with people you’ve hurt

(The past is over but that’s no excuse not to do better by people you love now)

  • People, most of the time, are pretty forgiving when given half a chance to

(They just want to know you are sorry and you care)

  • There’s no such thing as “constructive criticism”

(No one cares what you think and they already know their own faults and mistakes)

  • Prayer works, I need to do it more often

(Prayer is our number 1 purpose and mission in this world)

  • Hurt people really do hurt people

(Look past the hurtful and see the hurting)

  • All people are hurt in some way or another

(Let’s just be as patient and kind to each other as we can)

  • Ignoring negatives works better than confronting them

(You don’t always have to respond to rudeness or inappropriate things people say and do)

  • Most of my bad feelings, thoughts, behaviors are because I’m avoiding sadness

(When I find myself acting like a “dry-drunk” I need to ask myself who or what I am sad about)

  • I love people who have hurt me and that does not make me foolish

(I’m still going to love)

  • My time and money need to be spent on the people and things that really matter the most to me

(Time is more important than money)

I wish I could stay here forever

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