Sometimes when things are very bad in our lives we have a difficult time recognizing what’s good.  The bad can be so overwhelming as to disquise or overpower the good.

Here are a few questions to help you identify what’s good and even if you can only find one small or partial thing to recognize as good in your life, I challenge you to express gratitude for that one small thing.  By doing so you fertilize and nurture the good so it can grow in strength and number to help you fight and cope with the bad.

  • Is at least one person you care about healthy?
  • Did you eat in the past day or so?
  • Do you have clothes to wear?
  • Can you breathe on your own or with assistance?
  • Can you walk or at least get around on your own or with assistance?
  • Did you have somewhere to sleep last night?
  • Do you have hands/arms–at least one or something that works as one?
  • Are you able to go outside or look out a window at least once a day?
  • Are you living in a relatively free or relatively safe place?
  • Do you have an untreatable illness or disease and is it being cared for?
  • Do you have reasonably clean water available?
  • Can you see?
  • Can you hear?
  • Can you read?
  • Has it ever been worse for you than it is right now?
  • Can it get worse for you than it is right now?
  • Can you think of someone who does have it worse than you right now?
  • Can you think of somewhere that is worst than where you are right now?

Whatever your circumstances, I suggest you look for and acknowledge every thing (large and small) that you can be thankful for. Give power and authority (with your time and attention) to what is good and minimize the power and attention you give to what is bad.


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