*Registered trademark electronic arts

Add your own lessons from this game or a similar game in the comments.

1. Close friends will become distant friends if you don’t call or hang out together

2. All it takes is one phone call for distant friends to become close friends again

3. You aren’t supposed to sleep with someone you just met

4. Even if you are married your spouse is still able to flirt with someone else

5. Things sell for less than you paid

6. You can make something and sell it if you need money

7. You can find something to sell if you need extra money (digging in someone’s trash for example)

8. It costs money to move (the value of the home you left is not what you put into it)

9. When you change jobs you start out at a lower level than the job you left

10. Coffee only works so long then you fall flat on your face if you don’t get some sleep

Photo: bitstrips application/Facebook

Diane and Ray Jumping on the bed

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