1. Cook from scratch to free up money
  2. Take day trips instead of overnights
  3. Pack a picnic instead of going out to eat
  4. Camp to save money on motels
  5. Attend free events (horse or other animal shows/competitions, local community events)
  6. Go out for lunch instead of dinner (same place, same food, lower priced menu)
  7. Explore state and federal parks
  8. Research discounts and always ask if they have a discount (veterans, employee, senior, military or disabled)
  9. Book rooms online and look for chains that have discounts you can use (even if you are in the motel parking lot—the online rate is going to be less expensive than if you walk in and book)
  10. Natural attractions are usually less expensive than manmade ones
  11. Order off sandwich section of the menu
  12. Take advantage of value menus

(Photo–Ray and Me at the Livers & Gizzards festival)

Livers and Gizzards Festival


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