• I don’t usually share what I think or feel
  • It’s just a habit I guess
  • Sometimes I get excited and can’t stop myself
  • Like how moved I was by that sunrise this morning
  • Or the thing that tugged at my heart yesterday
  • Maybe something I read that spoke to me hard
  • This does not happen very often
  • Your response surprises me sometimes
  • I’m not always sure you hear me right
  • Maybe you don’t
  • I can’t really tell
  • I look for a clue you heard what I said
  • A sign you appreciate the significance
  • How hard it was for me to share
  • Surprised to be skipped over without a pause
  • As you launch into talking about yourself
  • Your response is not usually related to what I’ve said
  • Often it is completely different
  • As if I never spoke at all
  • Typically it’s a story from your life
  • Your own experience
  • Which, maybe, what I said made you remember
  • Something special and important to you
  • I love to hear about you too
  • Because, after all
  • I care about you and I am honored
  • When you tell me about yourself
  • But sometimes
  • Just sometimes
  • I would like for you to hear about me
  • 2008




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