Not sure who the author is but it was given to me by April Roberson, one of the counselors I use to work with (in retrospect I’m wondering if she was trying to tell me something)


  • in the heat of anger
  • when you don’t have all the facts
  • when you haven’t verified the story
  • if your words will offend
  • if your words will reflect badly on you or anyone else
  • when you would be ashamed of your words later
  • if your words would convey the wrong impression
  • if the issue is none of your business
  • when you are tempted to tell a lie
  • if your words would damage someone’s reputation
  • if your words would damage a relationship
  • when you are feeling critical
  • if you can’t speak without yelling
  • when it’s time to listen
  • if you may eat your words later
  • if you have already said it more than once
  • when you are suppose to be doing something else

That’s me keeping my mouth shut

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