When you are around a negative person:

  1. Visualize a barrier between you and them
  2. Do not respond verbally to their negative statements
  3. Smile and simply say nothing if they are talking to you
  4. Ignore them and their statements if they are not talking to you
  5. Don’t try to encourage them (they will only come back with more negativity)
  6. Let them have the last word (it’s an endless and hopeless effort otherwise)
  7. Don’t waste your time trying to explain or convince
  8. Don’t try to point out the positive
  9. Just let it go and move on
  10. Don’t let it affect you (use mental and physical relaxation strategies to protect yourself)
  11. Mental strategy: repeat a positive statement, song or poem to yourself while they are talking
  12. Physical strategy: focus on your breathing and deep breath while they are talking
  13. Pray for them mentally while they are talking
  14. If you don’t believe in prayer then wish good, comfort or peace to them mentally while they are talking

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