To keep your mind off of things, reduce anxious feelings, help you sleep, or redirect yourself from cravings or panic attack:  Take the letters of the alphabet and in order (A-Z) name things, places or people you are thankful for.

For example, I am thankful for:

A-Alena and America

B-The Bible, Blue (our dog) and BACON

C-Chocolate and Coffee

D-Daddy and Desserts of all kinds

E-Emerson and Electricity

F-Freedom and Family

G-Georgia Weather and Gravity

H-Horses and Heaven

I-Ice Cream and Internet

J-Jesus, Jack and Justice

K-Kira and Koala Bears

L-Love, Liberty, Lyndon and Lucy

M-Mary Beth and Money for what I need

N-Nose Spray and the United States Navy

O-Ocean and On-line shopping

P-Plumbing and Pizza (not together, please)

Q-Quentin’s Place and Quarters for the vending machine

R-Ray and Red (the color)

S-Stars and Supermarkets

T-Telephone and Travel

U-Umbrellas and Underwear

V-Vehicles and Vaccinations

W-Water and Warm Clothing

X-X-rays (but really I was thinking “thankful that my ex is my ex”)

Y-Yeast rolls with honey butter

Z-Zoe, Zebras and Zippers

Variation: come up with different categories (names, places, food)

(Diane Webb)

American Flag

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