(Tricks used to get us off track)

1. Deception (bad disguised as good)

2. Discouragement (from self or others)

3. Fear and worry (instead of concern, planning, or problem solving)

4. Doubt (of self or others)

5. Guilt (instead of regret)

6. Pity (instead of compassion)

7. Expectations (of self & others)

8. Confusion (opinions, advice, thoughts)

9. Pressure (from self & others)

10. Stress

11. Fatigue (tired, weak, lack of sleep, poor nutrition)

12. Negative or critical words or thoughts (from self or others)

13. Wanting things your way

14. Wanting things (stuff)

15. Worrying about what other people think

16. Letting your guard down (arrogance/pride)

17. Looking inward too hard (over-analyzing)

18. Resentment (includes anger)

(Diane Webb)

Life Traps


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