Just a few small changes in word choice will make a huge difference in how upset you get over things that happen, how you feel in general and how others respond to you.

Avoid using the word “should” (use “could” or “would” instead)

“We could save that money”

Avoid either/or and all/nothing references (use “and” instead)

“I’m going to exercise and I’m going to eat this cake”

Avoid using the word “you” when speaking to others (mostly at the beginning of the sentence)

“I feel mad when I see the clothes on the floor” instead of “you always throw your clothes on the floor”

Avoid using the word “but”–especially “yes, but” (use “and” instead)

“Yes, I see what you mean and I still disagree”

Avoid using the word “can’t” (use “won’t” instead)

“I won’t stop eating chocolate”

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