You find out some things you don’t expect when you research your family history.  Some things are good and some are not so good.  Here are some of the things I discovered while working on my family tree.

  • There were many babies born earlier than 9 months from the wedding date.
  • It was common for a man to marry his wife’s sister when the wife died.
  • I did find slaves listed (by name) on some of the records.
  • One side of the family were sharecroppers for several generations.
  • The line of the family where I grew up came to that county in 1825 and still live on the same piece of land.
  • Some were Torries (fought against the Americans in the American revolution).  I was worried this would cancel out my application to the Daughters of the American Revolution although some family members also fought on the American side.
  • One of my ancestors had married one of my ex-husband’s ancestors.  Although it was 300 years ago it was still a little shocking (both families had immigrated from Scotland and lived in the same area).
  • Some were exiles (for participating in the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland).  Maybe this is why they fought for the British (trying to win back favor to go back home).
  • Some were Quakers which means they were also abolitionists.
  • Two sisters married two brothers.
  • These two sisters were famous for having the most children in the county–both had over 18 each.
  • One was kidnapped by Indians and lived happily ever after.  A relative located her as an elderly woman living on a reservation out west.  She refused to leave (had married one of the chiefs and was a widow by this time).
  • One died from a gunshot wound because she did not have insurance and the hospital refused care.
  • There was strong evidence to support that a recent group of ancestors were Native Americans however it seems they took steps to conceal it.

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