In conflict situations, there is usually an underlying source that is not related to the expression of the conflict.  When faced with conflict between you another person, look for these root causes.  You may be surprised that the conflict itself is not about the other person at all.  It’s about you and the way you see yourself.  It’s about the way you interpret the world around you.

  • Pride
  • embarrassment (which is still pride)
  • Misinterpretation (making it about you–which is still pride)
  • Fear (pushing people away to sabotage a potentially close relationship)
  • Assuming bad or evil intentions (says more about your past and your own intentions)
  • Misunderstanding of what the other person actually said or did
  • Relying on emotions instead of looking for actual facts
  • Not fully understanding where the person is coming from
  • Solution?  Don’t take everything personally.  Don’t assume the worst first.  Try to understand the other side first before forming an option.  Give yourself 24 hours to cool off before responding.

credit: bitstrips photo/Facebook app

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