Normally I am opposed to journaling–especially for those who are depressed. I use to write only when I was mad, sad, or upset.  What I ended up with was some very depressing journals which did not accurately reflect my life–it only showed the bad.  I ended up putting them all in bleach water then trashing them.  Over time I have admitted there are some positive and productive ways to use journaling.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Write each day what you are thankful for (at least 3 things per day)
  2. Write down your answered prayers (or wishes if you don’t believe in prayer)
  3. Write down insights and inspirations
  4. Come up with themes to write about each week (past good memories one week, favorite pets the next)
  5. If you do write bad or negative thoughts or feelings, make sure to balance them out with positives of at least an equal number if not more (two good to one bad is recommended)
  6. Write down what you love about different people in your life (a different person per day)
  7. Write down meaningful Bible scriptures as you come across them
  8. Write about life lessons learned each day
  9. Write about your closest moment with God each day
  10. Write things you have learned throughout your life that you want to pass on
  11. Lists of favorites
  12. Draw pictures

Historic district view

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