I remind myself:

• I cannot change other people, only myself (although I can influence people by the way I react to them)

• I decide how I feel

• No one can make me happy but myself

• I generally get what I tolerate

• I am the only one who can change my life

• I am in charge of my life

• I do not have to explain myself (and it’s better if I don’t)

• I do not voice my fears (it gives them power)

• I avoid sharing personal information

• I only trust people who have proven themselves trustworthy

• I can handle whatever comes my way (it doesn’t have to be gracefully)

• I can stand what I have to stand (again-I don’t have to do it gracefully)

• I always have a choice in how I react (I don’t have to let people know they’ve upset me)

• I am responsible for my feelings (I cannot blame others for “making” me upset)

• It’s safer being alone than it is being with certain people (fear of loneliness makes me vulnerable to people who are abusive, controlling and want to exploit me)

by Diane Webb

taking back my power



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