Simple Truths for Living

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  1. If you have a choice, select the pretty or colorful item.
  2. Decisions made in anger, fear, or doubt are usually wrong.
  3. Worry is the same as fear.
  4. You can’t usually trust the thoughts you have in the middle of the night.
  5. You can almost always trust the thoughts or ideas you have first thing in the morning.
  6. The more you think you are right, the more likely it is you are wrong.
  7. You are almost always wrong when you think you know what someone else is thinking.
  8. Allow yourself 2-5% weakness (or wrong-ness).
  9. Avoid giving advice or suggestions.
  10. Do favors for others with no need for appreciation or the favor being returned.
  11. See people the way they really are instead of the way you wish they were.

Diane Webb

Ray & Dollar

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