It’s a strange feeling, being invisible.

You speak and no one answers.

You ask a question and no one hears.

You wave and no one sees.

People walk by.

You make eye contact and smile.

They look right through you.

They cannot see.

They do not know you are there.

At first I did not understand.

I did not know.

I thought I was being ignored.

Maybe people were rude.

But being ignored is different.

So is rudeness.

People have to know you are there.

To ignore you, I mean.

Or to be rude

Maybe I offended.

But, I could not think how.

It kept happening and I was confused.

Everyone could not be ignoring me.

I could not have offended so many.

I might be invisible, I thought.

What else could it be?

It sounds crazy but just maybe.

So I tested just to be sure.

I made a comment in a group.

It’s as if I never spoke.

I directed a question to a specific person.

Silence was my answer.

I wondered if I really spoke at all.

Maybe I just thought I said something.

So I tested again, and again.

In different situations;

With different people;

Still…the same result.

I wondered, Am I really here?

Maybe I am in a dream.

I pinched myself.

No.  I am awake.

Am I invisible or something?

Is that even possible?

What else could it be?

People talk to each other.

Just not to me.

People look at each other.

Just not at me.

People smile at each other.

Just not towards me.

And so it must be true, I think.

I am invisible is seems.

So now I know.

I accept.

My feelings don’t get hurt.

It’s not their fault.

They just can’t see me.



(Diane Webb)

Photo: A picture of me by a lamp-post!





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