What I loved about growing up in South Georgia

  • Driving a vehicle at a ridiculously young age
  • Learning to drive on a tractor
  • Being able to go anywhere without permission (as long as it was on a tractor, a horse or by foot)
  • Spending the night on the trampoline with Olivia Newton John playing on cassette
  • Laying out in the sun and listening to Wolf man Jack and Casey Kasem
  • Family gatherings that went way into the night
  • Admiring the night sky with a zillion stars
  • Building Pine straw forts
  • Exploring in the woods all day long
  • The sound of running feet on grandma’s porch
  • The sound of a screen door slamming shut
  • Raising calves
  • Checking the fence line
  • The smell of peanut hay
  • Getting lost in planted pines
  • Swimming in ponds and mud holes
  • Watching a car or truck get pulled out of the mud
  • Better yet—being the one who got the truck or car stuck in the mud
  • Churning ice cream
  • Picking blackberries
  • Guitar  “picking and singing”
  • Walking barefoot up the dirt road to grandma’s
  • Riding horses bareback at night

water tower sunrise

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