• She never told me I couldn’t be what I wanted to be (for Halloween or when I grew up)
  • She made my birthday and every Christmas special
  • She never said I couldn’t have seconds, thirds or as much as I wanted to eat
  • She made sure I had a good education and valued learning
  • She taught me to never pass up an opportunity to learn or grow
  • She never said “I told you so” when she could have many, many times
  • She gave me freedom to be myself even when it had to be extremely annoying to her
  • She let me learn lessons the hard way but only when I insisted
  • She made sure I knew that being a female was not a handicap or barrier to success in any way
  • She made me believe I was just as important as anyone else in the world
  • She taught me I was no better or no worse than others regardless of wealth, social status or race
  • She taught me that money did not define people’s value or determine success
  • She taught me to fight for those who could not or would not fight for themselves
  • She did not allow me to give up or stop because I had failed or had made a terrible mistake
  • She did not let me know when we were going through hard financial times
  • She made our meals wonderful even when she couldn’t buy groceries
  • She put herself in debt sometimes to make sure I had things I wanted but did not really need
  • She made everything fun even when it was work
  • She always tried to give me a better chance and a better life than she had
  • She taught me to never back down and to always stand my ground for what I believed in
  • She taught me that “right is right and wrong is wrong all over the world”
  • She taught me that mothers are mothers because they are mothers and not because they will be understood, appreciated or respected for it
  • She showed me what it really means to love someone “for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and for richer or poorer” (which applied to us children as well as our father)
  • I am so thankful to have had such a smart, strong, capable woman as a role model

Diane Webb



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