1. Putting yourself first all the time (especially at the expense of someone else)
2. Letting pride get in the way of making up
3. Thinking every difference must be resolved in some way
4. Trying to change the other person (even if it’s for the better)
5. Focusing on what’s wrong too much (not being thankful enough)
6. Being discouraging instead of encouraging (always pointing out the negatives)
7. Speaking too much when angry or just speaking insensitively in general
8. Comparing yourself, your spouse or your relationship to others
9. Putting work, money, or other people ahead of your relationship
10.Trying to impress others or maintain an image
11.Living a lifestyle you cannot afford
12.Keeping yourself too busy
13.Not nurturing the relationship consistently and persistently
14.Talking negatively about your spouse or your relationship to others

14 Common Marriage Mistakes

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