This post is specifically for sharing your best moments (of the day or from your life so far).  Please add a comment to share your best moment today and/or your best moment (or moments) from your life so far.

Mine (so far) are:

  • Finding that buried treasure with Eddie (a brass monkey buried in the dirt–age 11)
  • My 8th birthday party (my first store bought birthday cake, my first real birthday party)
  • Getting a St. Bernard (Chip–age 10)
  • Buying my first home (thank you FHA)
  • Seeing my oldest child blow out birthday candles (I loved this so much I started lighting a birthday candle for her to blow out for all of her meals–the pot pie was the greatest)
  • Finding my middle child safe and sound when I lost her in the mall
  • Looking into my youngest child’s eyes in the hospital after he was born
  • Finding my husband sitting up waiting for me
  • My first day at work where I work now
  • The Christmas I got my Olympus OM-10 (age 16)
  • When I got my first washer and dryer (oh happy day!)
  • Being with my daughers when they gave birth
  • All of us rushing out together to see the colt the day he was born (Lakotah)
  • When I got the first car I bought for myself (1979 Ford Pinto complete with steel case around gas tank!)
  • In Seattle in the middle of the night, in a hot tub and it was snowing
  • In the Gulf of Mexico when we ended up in a school of dolphins on a SeaDoo
  • When my sister and I were sliding down the big slides (before I hit my head)
  • When the tornado went over our house (age 14 or 15)
  • When I won the pie eating contest (age 12)
  • When I won the greased pig catching contest (age 10 maybe)
  • When I climbed the rope to the top of the gym (age 13)
  • When I beat a boy at arm wrestling in math class (age 15)


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