It’s obvious when someone cuts their wrist or hangs themself.  Other suicidal choices appear normal and no one thinks twice about it.  IN MY OPINION the following choices are, on some level, suicidal (an unconscious desire not to live as long as you might).

  • Smoking (especially when you have a lung or respiratory condition)
  • Exessive sugar intake when you are diabetic
  • High salt diet when you are hypertensive
  • High fat diet when you have heart problems
  • Not wearing a seatbelt in high risk traffic conditions
  • Not wearing a helmet when recommended
  • Taking uneccessary and dangerous chances while driving
  • Excessive use of substances (drugs, alcohol-legal or illegal)
  • Disregarding safety warnings
  • Excessive over-eating to the point your health is affected
  • Repeatedly not following doctor recommendations
  • Frequently engaging in high risk behaviors

suicidal tendencies

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