• Social workers are trauma-queens and worry-warts. They see so much bad and have first hand knowledge of the worst possible scenarios.  They are asked to get involved in a situation when it’s already a crisis or something bad has already happened.  Social workers will come across as suspicious and always seem to be looking on the dark side because of what they see and hear every day.
  • Social workers avoid conversations with people outside of work because of the irrational fear that every one that talks to them wants something from them or has some horrible sitution that needs urgent attention.
  • Social workers help people for a living and achieve great satisfaction in doing so, however, social workers really don’t want their friends and family to see them as social workers. They want to be able to relax, let down their guards, be weak and be human around their friends and family.
  • Social workers have problems, insecurities, and difficulties too.  Social workers cry and want someone to be there for them sometimes.  No one hardly ever really sees this side of social workers because deep down when a social worker falls apart it realy scares people and social workers don’t want to scare people.
  • Being helpless to help is one of the worst feelings a social worker feels.  It’s not that social workers want to be able to solve every person’s problem (well, yes they do) .  It’s just that not being able to do something, anything, to help feels like a failure and disappointment to someone. Social workers hate to disappointment people.
  • A social worker never, ever, forgets a person they helped or failed to help.  Every person sits in a social worker’s heart forever and over time their heart gets full and heavy.  If your social worker friend or loved one seems to isolate or shut down it’s because they are so full already and it seems like the only way to make room for more is to let some go or let themselves go.
  • Social workers love deeply, are loyal to an extreme and have such intense emphathy for others that they feel it physically in their bodies.  This is a very unpleasant feeling which is why social workers limit their time around more than a few people at the time.  It’s overwhelming to feel so many people at once.  Eating helps which is why social workers fight with weight problems continuously.
  • Do you love a social worker?  What tips or insight can you offer in the comments?

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