• Use color to express your feelings as well as to cope with feelings.  Wearing the color (touching your skin), looking at the color, and coloring with the color are techniques for using colors to cope and expressing feelings.  If you have used color to cope or express yourself, share your experience with us in the comments.
  • Grief and loss related sadness (not depression): use various shades of blue and gray to express; use yellow and turquoise to counteract
  • Anger: use red and black to express; use blue to counteract
  • Anxiety: avoid wearing and looking at orange and red (and use orange and red to express); use soft blues and soft greens to counteractw
  • Illness: not sure what colors to express; use vivid greens to counteract
  • Depression (not grief and loss related): use blues to express and use red and black to counteract
  • Feeling unloved, criticized or unwanted: not sure what colors to use to express; use pink (soft pink shades) to counteract
  • Feeling unimportant: not sure which colors to use to express; use purples and reds to counteract (wear or look at)

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