These are some of the things I’ve learned the hard way.  Please share yours in the comments.

  • Don’t carry a spider in a jar without a lid–especially if it’s a black widow.
  • Don’t say “another word” when your mother says “don’t say another word”.
  • When someone says “trust me” for no apparent reason, you better not!
  • The first person to seek you out to “greet” you as a new supervisor is most likely your enemy.
  • Don’t marry the very first person who asks you to.
  • Don’t say “sic-um” to a bull dog, never-ever (even a young one).
  • You can’t iron nylon.
  • If a recipe sounds horrible, it probably is (Tuna-Taco Casserole for example).
  • You cannot hide an injured, full grown duck in your bed room (they squawk).
  • Don’t call the person pushing the merry go round a “wimp” while they are still pushing you.
  • Don’t leave a horse tied to the door knob.
  • If an officer asks you if you are in a hurry during a traffic stop do not say “yes, I really, really am”.
  • Don’t ever try to pick up a piglet with it’s mother around (life-threatening mistake)
  • What have you learned the hard way?






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